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From Farm to Fork

Happy Pig Club started out as a conversation between us - Antony and Simon - over the allotment fence in Sywell. 

We wondered whether free range pigs could be kept in the village somewhere and whether villagers would appreciate local meat for their Sunday lunch and BBQs.

Skip forward a few years and the Happy Pig Club is now a small but growing enterprise with herds reared in pockets of land around Sywell and neighbouring villages.

Driven by a passion for ethical, sustainable farming, artisan production and damn fine tasting pork, the Happy Pig Club now offers a variety of pork and cured products as well as Hog Roast or BBQ catering.

If Pork's Involved - We're Involved.

The terrifying slicer..._edited.jpg

On-Line Pork Butchers Shop

Joints, Sausages, Bacon, BBQ

Loving our new set up. #bbq #farmtofork

Hog Roast Events

Top your bash off with a hog

We’re so busy sharing pictures of piglet

Tales from the Farm and Fork

Keep up to date with our blog on all things pig, pork and cookingPig

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