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Loin Joint

Loin Joint

15 Kilograms

The archetypal Sunday Roast joint. Long before its trendy brother the Shoulder joint came along winning all the plaudits the Pork Loin ruled the roost for being the perfect joint for a Sunday roast. Think crackling, think apple sauce. Limited stock available of this boned and rolled royalty.

Medium Joints - 1.5 to 1.9kg

Large Joints - Over 2kg

  • Fresh and Frozen

    We have a small but lovingly reared herd of pigs. All the meat available on this website was born and raised in Sywell and the pigs were slaughtered in Leicestershire.

    If you buy fresh meat from us it will be less than four days old.  After this time we sell our meat frozen, in order to make sure it is in the best possible condition. Because we believe passionately in small scale farming techniques we are not in a position to always have non-frozen products available.

    We have every confidence frozen or fresh it will be some of the best pork you've ever tried!

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